A Time for Horses


From my earliest recollection – even before – there were always horses. My mother, grandmother, aunt, uncle, siblings, cousins are all horsemen, and good ones. Some of us are professional, some more recreational, but we are horse people.

My world has always been rich with animals, horses in particular, and for this I am profoundly grateful. I have horses at home, my children both know how to ride, and I’m lucky over the last twenty years or more to have had a number of professional occupations in the horse industry. I am a farrier, teach riding and horsemanship, and now have the honor to work on the academic side of the horse industry, developing the next generation of professionals.

Life with this most royal of creatures has given me a place to focus my intellectual curiosity, my social activism, and my joy for living. Through A Time for Horses, I hope to share these things with you.