Dec. 30, 2016

Pride of the Marines

Pride of the Marines

We continue the story of Reckless, a native Korean mare who became a United States Marine.

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This episode goes to the core of this extraordinary mare's life with her "herd" of Marines. The first part of the story is told in Episode 2, Flame of the Morning.

How is it possible that a horse would so selflessly sacrifice her own safety and comfort, often working alone (and astoundingly hard) under enemy fire and out of sheer bondedness with her fellow Marines? Unlike them, she couldn't grasp the ideology of anti-communism, the belief in American freedom, or the struggle for territorial control, and yet you have to wonder if it isn't the same bond that fuels bravery and heroism among humans in battle as well. 

It is a horse's nature to act to save the herd, because there is safety in numbers. Like the men, she knew she was part of a team, and she did what she could to save her buddies' skin. Follow our story about this little red mare, the size of a pony, with a heart as deep as the ones of national legends like Man o’ War or Secretariat. Like them, she gave it her all.

Listen as Abby tells the story of how this young horse became a centerpiece of the Marines' efforts to prevail in the midst of a brutal war.

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